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Retail networks

We create MK Agro products based on the needs of consumers and the latest trends of the healthy diet.
Our team of graphic designers develops attractive forms of display, based on our own experience and the expectations of buyers.

We deliver 6 days a week, and our products are delivered the next day after the order is received.

We work in the electronic document exchange system (EDI).

The films in which we pack and sterilise our products are provided by renowned, world-class producers and are made of BPA-free raw materials, i.e. free from bisphenols and photoinitiators, thanks to which the vegetables processed in them are safe and have no negative impact on the health of consumers.


We place great importance on the ability to track (recreate the history) of the flow of raw materials in supply chains and networks, along with the registration of parameters identifying these raw materials and all locations covered by the flow. Ensuring the safety of products delivered to the market involves registering and collecting data about them at every stage of the supply chain, i.e. at the level of each of the companies participating in this chain.

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